Storage on the Trail

October 30th, 2013

Biking has always been one of my favorite activities. When my children were young I was eager to put them on my bike so they could ride with me.  Back in the 80’s baby bike seats were just that, a seat with a seat belt.  Well, my babies were strapped in at probably around 6months and that bike seat wasn’t going to work! I came up with my own design for shoulder straps… boy, what a missed opportunity, should have patented that… so fast forward to 2013 and there is all sorts of biking gear which I love because they are the neatest gadgets that utilize every available inch on your bike. Recently I spent the weekend biking with my 2 best girlfriends. We rode two days on a “rails to trails” bike path. These are reclaimed railroad tracks used for biking and hiking. It was the most beautiful weekend, mostly shaded with stops along the way. We needed to pack for two days requiring one overnight. Imagine three ladies packing for two days carrying everything on their bikes!  I know people do it all the time but talking about how to do it is the fun part for a storage freak like me!!  There are places all over a bike you can attach the coolest equipment.  There is a small bag for under your seat, we stored our spare tire and tools, two places to attach water bottles, a frame over the back tire to hold saddle bags, a front bag that attaches to your handle bars and we had a small tire pump attached below the crossbar.  We plan to do more bike trips, I’ll keep you posted...


Now on to home storage…since I’ve been talking about bike riding, who enjoys bikes more than kids?  So I’m going to talk about our recent childrens’ closets.  The most important aspect of all storage spaces is flexibliltiy, but it is particularly important for children so that as they grow their closet can be adjusted to meet their changing needs. These closets pictured below happen to be for twin boys.  We designed plenty of hanging for their clothes. For younger children we’re going to put in plenty of adjustable shelving for their toys and books.  The drawers are very helpful for their folded clothes and this can eliminate the need for dressers in the bedroom so there is more floor space. This customer chose our new cypress finish which really warms the space up. I look forward to posting more storage insights next month.


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