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October 2nd, 2013

I love space, that’s all there is to it.  Ever since I was little I loved space. I had a little shelf in my closet, which I now know is for duct work, back then it was the coolest small space for me to hang out on. I loved climbing trees, I spent hours with my friend Teri making tree houses, which amounted to a few boards across tree branches, then blankets put over the boards. I would haul books, food and all the supplies a kid would need. Do you know there is a show just about tree houses, how cool is that!!! I would put a blanket over the dining room table and it was the neatest fort. I can go on and on in great detail about my favorite spaces, particularly those I remember as a child. It was explained to me recently that some people can walk through a room and you could ask them what was in that room and they’d say a sofa and a TV, then a person like myself would walk through that same room and say there’s a blue sofa, two green striped chairs, photos of the family in gold frames, etc… some people are more receptive to their surroundings than others. All that to say, I love working with those of you like myself very sensitive to your surroundings and those, not so much, all you know is you need help.

I have a passion for space planning.  It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years since starting Chattanooga Closet Company. Where did the time go?  I’ve enjoyed all the aspects of starting up a new business and figuring out the products and services we wanted to provide. I’ve had the opportunity to work with 1,000’s of people over the years as clients and have eight fabulous people on staff currently.

I’m looking forward to sharing thoughts, ideas and projects on the blog.

The first project is this fabulous closet, it has everything, fluted glass and mirrored doors, drawers, a pull-out cabinet for tie storage, a hamper, plenty of shelves for shoes and folded clothes and just the right amount of hanging space. Be Inspired!!!



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Due to an abundance of caution, we are offering virtual consultations.  We can view the space virtually and do our design presentation via video conference.